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Cracked Cylinder Head?

When a cylinder head comes into Central Ontario Cylinder Head for repair and reconditioning, it may be cracked and warped due to overheating. The cylinder head could be leaking internally or the valve guides and seals may just be worn out. Therefore the first thing we do is diagnose the problem.

We start by thoroughly cleaning the head and then follow with a visual inspection. We then pressure test for cracks. If the head cannot be pressure tested, we will magnaflux instead. Sometimes both procedures are used if it is warranted. If the head checks out OK then it can be repaired and reconditioned. If the head is cracked, it may need to be welded. If the head can’t be repaired, the customer is informed and we source a new head for the job. If the head can be repaired, the guides may have to be changed. If the guides are changed, the seats have to be machined. The cylinder head is then resurfaced to manufacturers’ specifications and all components are cleaned for final assembly. The valve springs are tested for pressures and the head is then reassembled with new valve seals.

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